Points Based Recognition Programs

Points Based recognition programs can be thought of as a “rewards savings account”, allowing employees to accrue points toward tangible rewards for well-defined activities or achievements.

Points based programs offer the flexibility to engage employees so they receive recognition for their contributions and achievements.

Points based programs allow even the most discriminating participants to find items that excites them and they can bank points to accumulate for a bigger reward later.

Points based programs have to be user friendly, easy to access and participants must be able to see their balances, peruse a catalog, and get assistance with reward redemption.

Points based programs allow management to easily track and monitor account history to reflect how well the program is driving desired behavior.

Points based systems can manage a variety of programs, including safety, years of service, sales, attendance, referral, and discretionary point awards.

Bottom line, points based programs are instrumental for creating a work environment where employees feel their organization values their contributions and they receive recognition for a job well done.