It is a basic human need to be recognized by our peers. Recognition motivates and drives us to be better than we were yesterday. This is especially important in the workplace. Yet in reality, it is often an unrealized need. It is important for businesses to connect with their employees and meet their needs for validation and recognition.

Peer to peer recognition programs, also called Peer Recognition allows peers to recognize one another for outstanding efforts. Rather than waiting for an annual review to get feedback on performance, peer recognition provides immediate performance feedback.

In order for peer recognition programs to be successful, certain criteria must be met. Here are five tips to help your peer recognition program succeed:

  1. Recognize immediately – One of the best features of a peer recognition program is the fact that one can recognize another at any time. Delaying recognition dilutes its’ effect and meaning. Encourage employees to give spot awards whenever they are earned. By encouraging one another employees will be more motivated to meet their goals.
  2. Recognize specifically – Providing specific feedback for what action(s) generated the praise is important to building motivation among employees.
  3. Involve employees – Allow employees to help build the recognition program. They should be supportive and understanding of the purpose and goal of the program.
  4. Practice what you preach – Managers and supervisors should act as role models displaying how to effectively execute peer recognition. Their actions teach others how to provide positive feedback.
  5. Recognize publicly – Praise good work publicly. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including impromptu meetings, company-wide emails and with the growing popularity of social media, online. Consider giving positive recognition on the company’s Twitter, Yammer or Facebook page.

By recognizing one another as good deeds are done, employees are more motivated and engaged in the workplace. This results in better productivity, employee retention and higher profits. For more information on developing a peer recognition program visit us online or call us at 888-847-2215.