As employers, we want our workforce to have the same passion and drive that we embody. We want our employees to be engaged and productive and understand that in order for this to happen we must reward them for their efforts and loyalty.

Research shows that a positive workplace yields a 300% increase in business innovation and happy employees stay twice as long on the job. The motivation an employee experiences after receiving a reward varies based on personal preferences. Rather than creating blanket rewards that may or may not motivate your employees, we challenge you to rethink your program.

Not Just for the Big Boys

A common misconception among business leaders is that they can’t afford an effective employee incentive program. Employee incentive programs are not just for large corporations. They can be equally effective in smaller organizations. The fact is, everyone likes to be rewarded, regardless the size of the prize. From water bottles and t-shirts to a few hours of paid time off, if the employee understands why they are getting the reward, they will work towards it.

Why Wellness Matters

Corporate America has realized the importance of having a healthy, engaged workforce. They know that healthier employees have lower healthcare costs, are more productive and have fewer missed workdays. They are embracing the trend of living a healthy life and are supporting employees in their health pursuits in a variety of ways.

According to the 2014 survey of the U.S. by Deloitte, sixty two percent of employers report that they plan to increase their use of wellness and preventative health programs. One way to kick-start your program is to begin offering health-focused rewards to employees. Some ideas to consider include gym memberships, pedometers and gift certificates to healthy restaurants. Find out what kinds of rewards motivate your team and start offering them.

Regardless the program you choose, it is important to make it part of your company culture. The program should be easy and fun for your team to participate in. Keep the rewards simple and the rules easy for everyone to understand. And don’t force participation instead motivate employees to voluntarily participate.

If you need assistance implementing a new incentive program or breathing new life into a failing one, give the experts at CS Recognition Solutions a call. With over 40 years of experience helping businesses create more engaged employees, they have the tools you need to create a successful incentive program.