Recognizing and rewarding employees has been a cornerstone of some of the most successful businesses in the U.S. for many years. Other businesses are catching on, realizing the importance of creating an employee recognition program that boosts morale and creates a more engaged workplace. The challenge many face, however is determining what program is best for their business. In this article we will discuss five of our most popular employee recognition programs to help you decide which may best suit your organization’s needs.

Years of Service Awards – Also known as loyalty programs or service awards, this type of recognition program has been around for many years. In this program businesses honor the commitment and dedication of their employees based upon their years of service. By promoting employee loyalty, the recipient of the award gains a sense of personal pride as well as pride in their organization for their commitment and efforts.

Spot Recognition Programs – Realizing that immediate recognition builds motivation, spot recognition programs have been highly successful for many organizations. In this type of program employees receive immediate tangible rewards and recognition from their employers.

Points Based ProgramsPoints based programs allow employees to accrue points that are awarded throughout the year based upon achievements. The employee can then use their points to purchase a variety of items such as gift cards, a shopping spree and paid vacation time. The objective of this time of program is to provide a healthy working environment where the employee feels motivated and valued for their contribution.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition – Also known as peer recognition, this type of program has gained a lot of attention lately. The popularity of peer recognition stems from the ability of employees to recognize and reward their colleague’s efforts. This type of recognition is valuable because research shows employees feel a greater sense of achievement when recognized by their peers for specific efforts.

Corporate Meetings and Conferences – One of the best ways to develop teamwork, maximize employee retention and stimulate productivity is through corporate meetings and conferences. During this type of event, employees build camaraderie with their team while engaging in fun and innovative special events. They also gain a sense of pride for their contribution individually and as a whole as they are recognized in a group setting.

Creating an employee recognition program should be an exciting time for an organization. The team at CS Recognition Solutions has been helping businesses inspire and reward achievement for nearly 40 years. They will help you navigate the many employee recognition options by understanding your goals and objectives. For more information, contact CS Recognition Solutions at 888-847-2215 or visit them online today.