A healthy work environment and culture is essential for business growth. Having a team of unified, engaged employees not only improves retention, it increases the bottom line. While it is important to recognize team efforts, it is equally important to recognize the individual’s accomplishments. Think about it, who doesn’t appreciate a little personal recognition or an attaboy for something they did? By recognizing the individual you inspire them to be better. A business is only as good as its’ employees, so why not implement strategies to help them be their very best?

Rewards and recognition are important because they reinforce the behaviors that propel the business forward towards growth. An employee that feels appreciated for their contributions will have a higher engagement level while at work. This creates a ripple effect resulting in a healthier work environment, which in turn allows the business to attract and retain the best talent.

Here are some tips to help your business successfully recognize the individual:

  • Encourage peer-to-peer recognition – Peer-to-peer recognition is a great way to celebrate employees’ efforts. Encourage your employees to recognize and reward the efforts of their peers. This can be done as simply as giving a shout out on social media sites for a job well done or more formally depending on the achievement.
  • Be Genuine and Specific – Give the reward and recognition from the heart and be specific about what they are being recognized for. This will create a ripple effect that not only inspires the employee to continue their efforts, but also inspires the entire team.
  • Don’t delay – Recognize employees as soon as possible in order to create a clear link between the action and the reward. Spot recognition programs provide immediate tangible rewards for employees.
  • Personalize when possible – When recognizing the individual try to consider their interests and personality. Make the reward something that tells the employee that you care enough to take the time to consider their interests outside of work.
  • Recognize employee milestones – Celebrate the career of the employee by recognizing their anniversary and individual achievements throughout their career with service awards.

By recognizing the individual in a fun, engaging and genuine way, you will make a lasting impression not only on the employee being rewarded, but also the entire team. Inspire your employees to work harder and smarter through effective employee recognition programs and see the impact it truly has on the business.